Washademoak Lake, NB - Makayla Peacock

My Watermark is Washademoak Lake, NB.

Some people spend their summers traveling to exotic places. Others have their own personal cottages. I spent my summers as a child playing bingo, horseshoes, building sandcastles and swimming in and along the Washademoak Lake in Cambridge Narrows, NB. It was here that I learned how to swim and where I realized that family will always be there. As the only female cousin, I found myself alone or with my parents when we visited my aunt's trailer.

However, if any of my cousins saw me on the beach or in the water by myself, they would make sure to include me in their water games, no matter how rough or how confusing they were. I learned to challenge myself and to grow a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of water.

Chloe Cross
Makayla Peacock

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