Little Bouctouche River, NB - Robert Buck

I learned to swim in the Little Bouctouche River during the summer of 1966. My grandfather would take us down and with some encouragement, get us to wade in and away we went. In fact, my whole family spent time on that river, at some points for the whole day. As we kids played in the water, our parents and grandparents would blast the radio with the hits of the day and give us a wave from the shore giving us the okay to play a little longer. The prevalence of fish in the river led us to try our at hand at spring fishing. I always enjoyed looking out and seeing plenty of boats and fellow fisherman sharing a laugh and a story or two. My childhood was spent on that river, all the way up into my late teens. Recently, because of my passion for the river, I founded the Broken River Association, a grassroots organization which is standing up to Provincial government against a proposed construction project which will lower water levels. I love this river and I want to see it loved by future generations.

Robert Scott
Robert Buck

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