Little Glamour Lake, ON - Kendra M.

My grandparents own a cottage on the lake and our entire family goes up on the long weekends. We go out on the boat and tube, ski wakeboard, and other things that are all so fun. My family and I always have so much fun.

Everyday, the entire family goes down to the water and sits at the dock. We have campfires quite a lot and we roast marshmallows and get all sticky. If we’re not having a campfire then we all watch a movie and eat popcorn.

In the winter, the lake freezes over completely and we snowmobile and skate on the lake. Even though skating means we have to shovel off a great surface, we always have fun throwing snow at each other and warming up later.

During autumn, the entire family comes up and helps rake leaves and we have so much fun jumping into the piles and coming out covered in leaves. We also go out on the atv’s on all the trails and seeing the leaves change colour is beautiful.

During the spring when the water is still down, we walk up the creek and splash in the water. Then, we come back and have hot chocolate to warm up after getting soaked in the cold water and laugh about a near slip or seeing an odd creature.

It doesn't matter the time of the year the lake always brings our family together.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Kendra M.

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