Atlantic Ocean, NS - Lulu V

Every summer I go to Chester, Nova Scotia to visit friends, family and the amazing town. It's a small town that is known for the great sailing waters. All of the kids there do the sailing club. I have made so many friends there and sailing beside them is super fun. I sail Optis, they are small sailboats the size of bathtubs.

I find that sailing is super fun because everyday there is different weather and different waves. Someday there are no winds, so these are swim days and some are sailing days. The water is really pretty and always perfect for a swim. Instead of docks, there are wharfs that you can jump off of. The wharfs are all about 5 feet tall and are great for swimming. Being there and watching the water is the best feeling in the world.

Atlantic Ocean, NS
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Lulu V

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