Lac Tremblant, QC - Andrew P

So, my family and I were in Mont Tremblant for a ski trip this past March Break, but we decided to go fat tire biking around Mont Tremblant one day. It was one of the last days where the lake was frozen so at the end of our 25 km forest ride our instructor took us across the Lac Tremblant which is super close to the ski hill. When we were on top of the lake, since we are on e-bikes, I was going very fast and the ice was very slippery.

When I was looking around, it was so cool to see down the lake and the village of the ski hill. It was an awesome experience because to be biking over a lake! I find that crazy. Next year, if we go biking again I'll definitely do that again. It was one of my favorite parts of the year.

Lac Tremblant, QC
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Andrew P

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