Lake on the Mountain, ON - Jonathan H

It was 4 years ago on a sultry June day. Our family, along with family friends, decided to go hit the cottage and the day after, visit the Lake on the Mountain.

When the day came to leave for the lake, my family stayed at the cottage and I ended up being the only to go with our family friends. They had a kid around my age I could play with. To get there, we had to cross Lake Ontario by ferry and then drive up the mountain.

Once we got there, I could really tell why this place was so popular. The water was a turquoise/aquamarine colour. There were mini bridges built across the more minute components of the lake. On the bridges, you could see the diverse wildlife and aquatic plants. We picked a nice sandy spot distant from the mainland. Canoers and fishers were in the water and on the edge. We basked in the sun for a while. I could feel each grain of sand on my feet. I slipped on my green sandals and then walked around a trail to look at wildlife. I spotted some herons and other birds. There were water droplets on the heron's shiny body and getting lost in their feathers. In the lake there were fish and amphibians. Toads were croaking on lily pads and fish were grouped together. It was amazing.

After a day of sightseeing, and enjoying the mountain, we decided it was time to wrap up.

When we headed back, it had started to pour and I fell asleep on the car ride home. The next day, we were done with our cottage trip and went home after a big day of marvelous sights.

This body of water is connected to me because this is where I bonded with my new friend and got to know our very close family friends, as well as the natures and the beautiful waters of the Lake on The Mountain.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Jonathan H

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