Lake Simcoe, ON - Landon D

It was my 5th birthday, and we were in a boat out on Lake Simcoe. My brother and I were fishing, but even though we didn’t catch any fish, we had a great time.

I enjoyed the movement of the ship on the water, and I really liked when we were moving with the motor. I was always asking to go faster.

I got lots of presents and my grandfather was having a great time. It was hard to play with some of my gifts because of the rock of my boat, but I managed to find a way to not let everything fall down. The rock of the boat made me happy and was a bit unpredictable.

I loved looking at the water, and watching the waves ripple in the distance. I will never forget this day.

Lake Simcoe, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Landon D

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