Oshawa Creek, ON - Mark Medley

My name is Mark Medley, I'm originally from Oshawa, Ontario but I currently live in downtown Toronto.

My watermark is the Oshawa Creek. I grew up on the banks of Oshawa Creek. The first house that my parents bought after they got married backed on to forest and the creek flowed through the forest. And so from the time I was about 5 or 6 and I was let out on my own me and the neighbourhood kids would go out fishing, hunting minnows and crayfish in the creek. What I remember now as an adult is how large is seemed, I mean it could have been the Mississippi as far as we were concerned and going back now we realize even though its the major creek in Oshawa it might go 10 feet across at the widest. For me it represented the wilderness and the unknown and we would spend entire weekends and entire afternoons just floating makeshift boats down and rapids and exploring the wildlife and seeing what was there. To me it was one of the most important places for me as a kid and I probably spent more time at the creek than in my own bedroom.

Oshawa Creek, ON
Miriam Ahmed
Mark Medley

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