St. Lawrence River, ON - Mathilda Mattson

My name is Mathilda Mattson and I’m from Spain. Living in Spain, when I was younger I had a few friends, we were 4 girls, we were always going to the beach every day through the summer.

In the old days we didn’t have much stuff, so we made our own dolls, we would take some cloth and we made the dolls, we went to the farm and cut the hair from the sheep to make the hair for the doll. We would go to the beach and make bathing suits for the dolls then we’d throw them as far out as we could in the water and swim after them, then squeeze them and put them back. We just loved doing that, we were doing that all summer.

Memories, I remember the fun we had doing that. I love the water, I grew up in the water at beautiful beach in Spain. When I came here to Canada with my husband, we came with all my children every summer when school is finished, we stay 3 months of the year all summer. The kids love the water. The only thing that was not crazy about was going in the boat with my husband because it is too rough. Those are the memories I have of the water and the lake.

Miriam Ahmed
Mathilda Mattson

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