Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been involved in 229 watermarks.
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper founded the Watermark project, Swim Guide, and The National Water Centre Project. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper helps communities prosper by creating swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters and by ensuring people experience their water, are informed about the health of the water, and are engaged in decision-making.
Current River, ON
Debbie Miller
Devil Lake, ON
Tristan Willis
Dickey Lake, ON
Chloe Cross
Don River, ON
Benson Chan
Don River, ON
Dan Pajares
Don River, ON
Ruby Pajares
Everett Crowley Park, BC
Vince Verlaan
Dumoine River, QC
Steve Rogers
Earlswood Lake, UK
Kyle Byron-Morgan
English Bay, BC
Summer Breeze
English Channel, UK
Miriam Ahmed
Etobicoke Creek, ON
Nazreen Subhan
Fishing Creek, USA
Hayley Coyne
Foote Lake, ON
Anita Kunz
Fraser River, BC
Bernadette Keenan
Fraser River, BC
Fin Donnelly
Ganges River, India
Sachin Desai
Ganges River, India
Sangeeta Chopa
Georgian Bay, ON
Adriana Perri
Georgian Bay, ON
Bonnie Demerlis
Georgian Bay, ON
Brenda Kissoon
Georgian Bay, ON
Christopher Bolton
Georgian Bay, ON
Flo Kusiak
Georgian Bay, ON
Ian Duff