Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been involved in 229 watermarks.
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper founded the Watermark project, Swim Guide, and The National Water Centre Project. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper helps communities prosper by creating swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters and by ensuring people experience their water, are informed about the health of the water, and are engaged in decision-making.
Georgian Bay, ON
Jamie Oneschuk
Georgian Bay, ON
Jarrett H.
Georgian Bay, ON
Justine Glover
Georgian Bay, ON
Kathleen Spironello
Georgian Bay, ON
Marianne Bulger
Georgian Bay, ON
Mir Sanjana Tarannum
Georgian Bay, ON
Nadia Pronych
Georgian Bay, ON
Georgian Bay, ON
Savannah Raeburn-Gibson
Georgian Bay, ON
Scott Brown
Georgian Bay, ON
Steve Shutt
Georgian Bay, ON
Tina Knezevic
Ghost Lake, AB
Aidan Martens
Glenmore Reservoir, AB
Jeff Krehmer
Gold Lake, ON
Kylie Latham
Grand Lake, NL
Michael Winter
Halls Lake, ON
Kathleen Cook
Hamilton Harbour, ON
Steven Joyce
Hanalei Bay, USA
Amy Gomez
Highland Creek, ON
Denise Donlon
Horseshoe Lake, ON
Chris Muirhead
Horseshoe Lake, ON
Stanley Assing
Hubley Lake, NS
Helen Parker
Hudson River, USA
Jeff Franklin