Whyte Lake, BC - Dominique deGroot

My name is Dominique deGroot. The name of my water body is Whyte Lake.

Whyte Lake is in west Vancouver – just about a 30 minute hike off the highway driving in towards Horseshoe Bay. Whyte Lake is a great little water body. The story I’d like to share about it is that’s the water body where I found out that my dog can actually swim. It’s only about a half hour hike off the highway.

It’s very popular trail for local people from the North Shore to go walking or take their dogs and go for a nice swim when the water is warm enough in the summer. As a dog owner of a large husky breed, I didn’t actually know that my dog could swim until he fell off the dock there and ran across the lily pads that turned out to be not be able to support his weight.

Whyte Lake, BC
Chloe Cross
Dominique deGroot

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