Lake IJsselmeer, Netherlands - Hein Molekamp

My name is Hein Molekamp. The name of my water body is Lake Ijsselmeer, in the Netherlands. I live there today, at the bottom of the lake. In fact, part of the lake is in dykes. I live in a town which is only 50 years old. The town is now called Emmeloord. It is about 4 metres below sea level. I love to live there. So part of that lake is now where I live in fact.

It is important because we are able to live with the water, we even have our homes in the neighborhood of this lake. Part of the lake that still contains water, we are now using for innovations in water technology. So there is a part of technology we now use to take in from the lake, and on the other end take in water from the sea.

New technology is able to take energy from the difference of salt in both water flows. So we are working on new innovation which we are hopefully bringing in a few years to the market. Sustainable energy is harvested through this water from the lake in combination with water from the sea. That would be great.

Claire Lawson
Hein Molekamp

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