Kamaniskeg Lake, ON - Arlen leeming

My name is Arlen Lemming. My waterbody is Kamaniskeg Lake.

Kamaniskeg Lake is about an hour north of Bancroft, just south of Barry’s Bay. Kamaniskeg Lake is my first real introduction to freshwater in Canada. As a child growing up there and fishing in the lake, and swimming in the lake, and quite frankly drinking water directly out of the lake, it is something that has been incredibly formative in my years since in developing an idea of what is important with regards to water conservation in Canada. Everything that I have now that I find important to my life as it relates to water was really started there. I learned how to sail on that lake, I learned how to fish on that lake, I learned how to swim on that lake. I developed some of my closest friendships with people as we were fishing or swimming in the lake. All of those are very much an incredible part of my life now and it all started there.

Chloe Cross
Arlen Leeming

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