Canning Lake, ON - Rene Devries

The name of my waterbody is Canning Lake, near Minden in Halliburton, Ontario. The story was, usually every spring, early spring. The waterbody it is related to a family cottage we have on this waterbody and it is a wonderful place to go to relax and get in touch with nature.

And so the story is this, during the winter the lake freezes obviously we’re in Canada this is a typical Canadian story. Big cubes of ice form on the rock face of the cottage in the spring one of the big pieces of ice usually winds up falling on the dock. We wind up every spring we have to repair the dock because of it. We basically have accepted we cannot fight nature. We have to just adapt and repair what nature wrecks. After we have fixed the dock we go and swim but at that point there is usually still ice on the lake so we make little holes in the ice then we go in the lake. Now, this is where the typical competitive spirit comes out especially between the males of the cottage. We want to go set the record for the earliest jump in the lake. I think at this point it's at early April but hopefully we can break into March sooner or later. So that's my story. It's wonderful, although its a bit cold but we do have a sauna too so we warm up that way.

Canning Lake, ON
Fraser Riverkeeper
Claire Lawson
Rene Devries

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