Six Mile Lake, ON - Darby Macnab

My name is Darby Mcnab. My waterbody is Six Mile Lake. It's in Ontario, north, sort of Parry Sound area.

When I was growing up my mom’s best friend had a cottage on the lake, we used to go up every summer we called it “The Cottage,” I actually thought it was our cottage for a long time. We’d go up there, I was lucky enough to go up there for 2 weeks every summer and it was the most amazing time. Swimming fishing walking with my brother who was 5 years older than me. But the best part was probably going in the kayak which was amazing, I was by myself out in the lake into the bay around there these underwater stumps and things that were terrifying and fabulous at the same time. That’s my memory.

(Have you been back?)

Not for many years, they sold it.

Six Mile Lake, ON
Amy Wilford
Darby Macnab

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