Joe Burke Wolfe Island Literary Festival 2016 created 14 watermarks.
The Wolfe Island Literary Festival is an annual gathering of literary lovers along the beautiful shores of Wolfe Island! The 2016 event was hosted by Mark Medley and programmed by Dave Bidini and Mark Mattson. As always, the literary festival brought amazing people to Brophy's Point on Wolfe Island, who shared their work and ideas! Readings were done by Joseph Boyden, Michael Winter, Lemon Hound and Sina Queyras, Jeramy Dodds, Denise Donlan, Carolyn Smart, and Steven Heighton. This was the second year that Watermarks were collected at the festival.
Burgess Pond, ON
Penny Stewart
Grand Lake, NL
Michael Winter
Highland Creek, ON
Denise Donlon
Kashagawigamog Lake, ON
Michael Adamson
Lac Brian, QC
Sue Manwaring
Lake Huron, ON
Bruce Mellow
Lake Ontario, ON
Edward Coffey
Lake Ontario, ON
Stella Couban
Lake Rosseau, ON
Susan Nicholas
Six Mile Lake, ON
Darby Macnab
Smoke Lake, ON
Beverly Harris
St. Lawrence River, ON
Jackie Mattson
St. Lawrence River, ON
Kristine Schumacher
St. Lawrence River, ON
Michael Corrigan