Grand Lake, NL - Michael Winter

My Watermark is Grand Lake, Newfoundland.

Grand Lake, Newfoundland. This is where my father was once in a boat moose hunting and they capsized. He went under the boat and he tried to swim to the surface but he couldn't. He realized he had a rope around him: it was the anchor rope. It was pulling him down, he was going to drown. His buddy who was with him dove under, unwrapped the rope, and pulled him to the surface and they were saved.

Where they spent the night was on Glover Island. And it's Glover Island on Grand Lake that is the magical place. Grand Lake holds Glover Island and on Glover Island there's a little pond, and on that pond there's a little island. My Father wanted to take me to that little island. He said that "that island, on a pond, on an island, in a lake, on an island, in the ocean, is the only place in the world like that". Grand Lake, Newfoundland.

Grand Lake, NL
Brett on the Water
Michael Winter

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