St. Lawrence River, ON - Kristine Schumacher

My Watermark is the St. Lawrence River in Kingston, Ontario.

When I think of Brophy's point in the St. Lawrence River, I really enjoy memories of spending summers here with my brothers and sisters when we were little. There was no technology and we had very little in the way of toys. We used to find logs floating in the river and the seven of us would just jump on the log and float on it all day long basically. We'd do that for hours and it was a really, really good memory for me.

I like to get out on the water everyday in my little row boat and go out and explore the marsh and the shoreline. Even though I've been doing that for 58 years, I see something new everyday. I just love discovering creature and the birdlife is amazing here.

My dog Balder is a great campanion here. Sometimes my mother and I are out here by ourselves for a couple weeks at a time. Balder loves to come out in the water, swim, follow the boat. He gets really good exercise and it's a good laugh because he likes to look for frogs. Sometimes we'll take the kids out with us and we'll go fishing or looking for turtles. It's just so much fun and it gives you something calm and peaceful to think about.

Brett on the Water
Kristine Schumacher

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