Muncho Lake, BC - Debbie McGrory

My Watermark is Muncho Lake, BC.

This is how I met my husband at Muncho Lake. I was up on my float tube, belly boating, with my fins on, and the guys that’s in the lake, had a bet on how long I’d be under water, because I’d call myself one woman power. So I’d be off with a pair of fins, and we’d be off and there I’d go catch these. We’d catch big big trout. All bets on.

John would always see me out on the water and he would come out and see me in his big boat just to see if I catch fish, and I of course, one woman power, couldn’t get away from him, and so we were forced to talk. This happened about twenty years ago. Anyways so the bets would be on of how many fish were going to be caught and who was going to be the first on the lake to catch fish. And it was always me because I never had the perfect technique - one woman power.

So that was up at Muncho Lake. When we got married that’s where we went for our honeymoon. Muncho Lake in Northern BC. I lived out there from when I was 17 years old until 5 years ago.

Muncho Lake, BC
Claire Lawson
Debbie McGrory

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