Lake Erie, ON - Patrick O'Grady

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

It’s a very special area. The Long Point inner bay is well known for fishing, swimming, sailing and boating. There are many many people who use that area for recreation over the summer time. Long Point itself is a very special area. It’s a national park that extends for many kilometres out into Lake Erie. It’s really quite unknown by most people in the Toronto area. Most of the people in the Norfolk county area and along the shores of Lake Erie would know of Long Point and Turkey Point. But again the people from the GTA, they always think about going north. This area is very very special. They call it the Lake Erie North Shore. Along that shore you still have wineries, recreational things to do besides the water, but the water itself is the drawing point for that area.

My friends and I always go down to Long Point and there’s a beautiful beach there that most people don’t know about, which is many kilometers long. What we tend to do is we go down to the beach and hang out for the day. We could actually walk down towards the secluded area of Long Point beach and really enjoy some private time down there. Again, very beautiful beach, beautiful water.

The Long Point area is also a fly over for the birds, so geese, swans. If you ever have the chance to go down there in the spring time or in the fall, during the migration period, you will see thousands of flocks of different types of birds. It’s an amazing experience. They’ll land on the fields to eat the corn, but they’ll also fly over that area on their way south. There’s a bird sanctuary where they gather the birds, they have a little net, to gather the birds, and they’ll study them. Study their migratory patterns, how long they’ve been away, how far they went. They study birds that go down to South America and back again. It’s pretty cool that way too. There’s lots more I could say.

Lake Erie, ON
Emma Smith
Patrick O'Grady

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