Lake Huron, ON - Julie Bennett

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

I’ve been going to Lake Huron ever since I was a kid, so about 53 years. My family has a cottage in the Miles Bay/Stocks Bay, which is a really great place to go. Great fishing, swimming and most importantly good people. It’s so welcoming and safe. My grandparents bought the cottage back in the 30’s and I just bought it back from my parents.

The change from when I was a kid to now is just incredible. I remember we use to go jet skiing in our little 6HP tin boat, and the water was much deeper back then.

Back then the water would go past my shoulders, now it barely goes past my knees. So it's quite shocking to witness and live through such change in your life, especially a place with amazing childhood memories.

Lake Huron, ON
Charly Caproff
Julie Bennett

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