Lake Ontario, ON - Derek Knights

We were sailing back to Toronto from Cobourg. We left Cobourg Marina very early in the morning and it was a nice day but there was a layer of fog along the north shore of Lake Ontario from Cobourg stretching we don’t long how far. And we were heading towards it. We also saw a freighter or some other really big ship that was out on the lake that was also sailing into this fog bank. And we went in and we could not see from the cockpit of the sail boat, a 31 ft boat, we could not see the back. And we had the little fog horn and we were beeping it every couple of minutes. I was wondering how long is it going to last. Then we heard the fog horn of the boat and it was really loud but we had absolutely no idea how close it was. We didn’t know should we stop, should be keep going, we were trying to remember what the rules say. Every now and then we would sort of come into a pocket of clear air but inside the fog. So now you’re sailing through this area and you can see you are in a circle surrounded by fog. And I expected any minute to see the bow of that freighter coming through.

The sky was blue, the water was really quite calm, not a lot of wind and no fog and it was like we sailed out of a curtain. And the wind later picked up and we had a terrific, a terrific sail back. But just that feeling when you cannot see and what do you do? But it was a great story and I still tell it now.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Derek Knights

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