Lake St. Joseph, ON - Sam N

My Watermark is Lake St. Joseph, Ontario.

When I was young at the lake I would watch the birds, in the clean air and the trees, up and down. I remember seeing so many people fishing. The water was clean and I could see the fish moving down below.

At the lake I would sit with the ducks and offer some food. I remember the sound of the ducks quacking and the air blowing. I would place my ship in the water and gaze at it moving up and down. I remember that the duck was scared. I would run all the way to drink some clean water during that hot day. The place was calm and the air quiet.

I remember feeling the fresh air on my face and on my hair and on my skin. The air was like a ghost. I was jumping happily in the water getting my clothes wet.

It was time to go home. I remember that I was sad to leave. I saw my friend who stayed there. He told me to play with him as he kicked the ball onto the water.

Sam N

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