Lake Erie, ON - Sam S

My Watermark is Port Stanley Beach on Lake Erie, Ontario.

I embraced my surroundings like the bright yellow sun shining above us. I watched people running and bustling about like a huge school of fish. I joined people swimming and making sand castles. I observed people wearing summer clothes, bright and dark. I marveled at the lake glistening like heaven's peak, what a wondrous sight.

When I was young at the beach, I always enjoyed the savory cooking at Mackie’s. I can still taste poutine with fries crisped to perfection, gravy smelling like a succulent beef roast fresh out of the oven, and cheese curds, so small, yet packed with so much flavor, and fish and chips with a light-breaded crisp to the fish and tartar sauce to cap off every bite with a big BANG!!!!!!!!!!

I loved running at the port and swimming in the lake and playing on the playground. We would go to the arcade and play every game in sight. The blaring horns screaming out ‘YOU WIN A PRIZE’ was a satisfying phrase to hear every time you played a game.

The day comes to an end. The sun sets, leaving a strange orange background on the horizon. The evening breeze leaves a long-lasting remembrance of the lively day I had. When the sun is out of sight and the moon shines bright, the stars start to settle in and illuminate the night sky.

Lake Erie, ON
Sam S

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