Lake of the Woods, ON - Matthew K

My Watermark is Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

When I was young at the lake I floated as I breathed in the clean air, bobbing up and down in the water as I watched the pine trees sway. Meanwhile I listened to the sounds of nature from far away. I remember the cool breeze blowing by, saving me from the sun’s heat.

When I was young at the lake I would sit on the dock with my toes in the water listening to the call of the ducks and the sound of wind in the trees. I would climb down the ladder of the dock and take in a breath of the clean and cool and calming air conquering my fear of deep water, still feeling anxious of the moment I drop off the ladder and begin to swim.

When I was young at the lake I would walk along the beach with the warm sand in between my toes watching the waves as they came and left and came again. I treasure the moments swimming in the clear and calm and cool waters of the green glassy lake while taking in the beautiful scenery and then, doing somersaults in the waves.

I watched the waves do their never ending dance along the shore and I felt the refreshing air on my face, all the while listening to the call of nature, and smelling the scent of pine, from the trees surrounding the city, so strong you can almost taste it. I can still remember the moment when I took a picture of the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Matthew K

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