Ruby S - Lake Huron, Ontario

When I was young at Lake Huron I would go swimming and canoeing and surfing and beach boarding with my family. I would go into the water to dance, and prance and do cartwheels

When I was young at Lake Huron I would go into the lake water and find seaweed. I remember telling everyone that I was giving out free seaweed wraps. My wraps were made from the squishy sand wrapped inside the seaweed that I put inside. Every year on the rocks we would have our family photos taken. We would have to be careful though because sometimes the leeches would come up with us!

When I was young at Lake Huron I would bring my homework and lay in the sun and tan for the longest time. Sometimes I could see my mom or my dad come and put suntanning lotion on my back so that I wouldn't get a bad burn. I would relax and play with the sand sometimes I would throw the sand at the sea gulls if they came to eat the food that I brought.

When it got darker I would start to pack up thinking that we would start to go. But as I was going to wash off my sandals I would look at the striking sunset. That's when I started to ask if we could stay a lot longer than we usually did.

Lake Huron, ON
Ruby S

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