Bra's d'Or Lake, NS - Julia C

My Watermark is Bras d'Or Lake, Nova Scotia.

When I was young at the lake my family and I got a butterfly kite stuck in a tree at the Alexander Graham Bell museum. On that summer afternoon, the wind was cold and strong even though the sun was shining brightly. The sky was filled with kites all different shapes and sizes and colours floating in the wind. I would look up at my little butterfly kite drifting in the sky and a smile would appear on my face. Simon and I played with toys and planes and kites all morning and we had a great time.

When I was young at the lake I watched the waves roll in carrying an enormous boat. I stared in amazement as the sailors docked the towering boat at a nearby pier and crowds of people gathered around. I gazed at the huge boat with its big confusing knots and the off white sails hanging from the ropes and then peered at the gorgeous wooden deck. I looked at the painted sides of the boat and there on the side of the boat was a name, Bluenose 2

When I was young at the lake I strolled along the crowded streets of Baddeck looking at all the colourful shops housing seaside decorations, souvenirs and delicious food. Everywhere I looked there were different people all with smiles on their face talking with others. My hairs was blowing everywhere and my cheeks tingled because of the cool wind but there was a smile on my face too.

I wandered through a shop looking at all the strange souvenirs like brown bears holding fishing poles or flags and random things in the little seaside shop. There were people hurrying around admiring all the things on the shelves on that beautiful sunny day.

Bras d'Or Lake, NS
Julia C

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