Northumberland Strait, PEI - Darlene Smith

I was born in Summerside PEI. Shortly after my birth my family moved to
Europe and then finally settled in the Toronto area.

Every summer as a child, we would pack up the car and head to PEI to visit
my grandparents. I loved these trips. As soon as we reached the island I
always went outside so that I could feel the salty sea air on my skin.

Every day, we would go to the wharf and pick up our fresh sea food for
dinner. I would stand at the edge of the water, gazing out at the sea,
watching the fishing boats, thinking about all of the fish and sea food that
must be on them and how many people would eat it!

Even today, as soon as the warm weather arrives, I long for the sea.

John Lawrence
Darlene Smith

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