Lake Huron, ON - Alexandra Côte-Durren

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

For me I grew up by Lake Huron, in Port Elgin, a little town. I used to spend my days on the beach.

Something that will always stick to my mind is that I used to spend my summer so I would get super tanned, and spend all my time in Lake Huron/ the Peninsula. It would look like the Caribbean. So I would always just sit there when I was a kid, look at the water and be like, “Wow, I’m in the ocean” and start thinking about dolphins in the water, even if there is none.

It just grew on me, and so for my whole life I had to be on the water. Then I made my career as a surf photographer, but primarily because I grew up on the water.

I have been to places including, Nicaragua, East Coast, West Coast, Hawaii, etc. However, Lake Huron is into my core. It’s the beginning of everything that started, the beginning of my journey in being in love with water from ocean, to lake to river.

Lake Huron, ON
Matt Flowers

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