Clean Up and Launch Event - BESIDE Magazine created 12 watermarks.
On July 9, 2017 Surf the Greats held a beach clean up at Ashbridges Bay (Woodbine Beach). The day was filled with yoga, beach clean-up and a BBQ to launch the second edition of BESIDE Magazine. Swim Drink Fish Canada was there to celebrate the launch and collect Watermarks.
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Irina Lytchak
Caribbean Sea, Sint Maarten
Camara Chambers
Great Lakes, ON
Jenn Dumaran
Hudson River, USA
Catherine Métayer
Lake Huron, ON
Alexandra Côte-Durren
Lake Huron, ON
Matt Weiler
Lake Woodrock, USA
Jeremy Young
Lombok, Indonesia
Russel Willer
Loom Lake, ON
Nicolas Barrette
Trincomali Channel, BC
Matt Morgan
Waiwhakaiho River, New Zealand
Sean Rudd
Yukon River, YT
Eva Treumuth