Lac la Ronge, SK - Rob Shirkey

My Watermark is Lac la Ronge, Saskatchewan.

My uncle who lives in Regina shared a cabin there with a few of his friends, and so when we would go visit my grandpa’s farm in Saskatchewan, we would spend maybe a week or so at the cabin. We have a lot of good memories there of fishing with cousins, swimming together and playing around the bonfire around this little island.

I remember this one occasion when I was on a canoe with my dad, and the water got a little choppy. We were out in the middle of the lake, and the canoe tipped. I fell out on one side of canoe and my dad fell on the other side, and he couldn’t see me, so he was incredibly worried and kept saying, ‘Are you okay Rob? Are you okay?’ and I’m like, “I’m okay dad, I’m okay.” Meanwhile the canoe was kind of sinking to the bottom of the lake. We were wearing our life jackets though, which is good.

I would have been 8, maybe 9. The canoe kind of sank, but it wasn’t all that far from the shore, and we had other relatives that saw this happen and were laughing from shore. They came to help us out and the canoe was kind of dragged to shore. We were okay. The only thing that was kind of harmed was our pride.

Lac la Ronge, SK
Charly Caproff
Rob Shirkey

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