St. Lawrence River, ON - Mike Garrido

My Watermark is the St. Lawrence River, Ontario.

The first Wolfe Island Hop Yard planting is happening this year. We are up 96, and almost at the end. When we looked at the properties, and wondered what to do with our hop yard we came across the St. Lawrence River, with a property there, and we took it.

Hops are thirsty plants, and they need about a litre of water a day. So we collect the water from the St. Lawrence river through a large pump. We are putting in a large irrigation system in. This year there is only about 5 acres of hops but we are going to be growing them for the next couple years and hopefully in three years we’ll have about 40 acres. Then we can supply hops to craft brewers in the area. As of two months ago, there are over 200 craft brewers that are brewing beer in Ontario.

Dana Jackson
Mike Garrido

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