Lake Ontario, ON - Freddy Kwon

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

My name is Freddy and I play guitar for The Kents. More recently the waterbody I feel most connected to is Lake Ontario. I went to school in Kingston, Queen’s University. There, Lake Ontario is a big part of the school, and one of the reasons I chose to go there.

Whenever it’s a nice day out, students would go the pier, jump off, hang out and take the load of school work and stressful times. That’s a great part of the school and the atmosphere there.

I also used to go to Wolfe Island a lot as a student, just to chill. There are so many spots that you could dive off because there are so many docks around.

I remember one time, on the Saturday of the festival a couple years, it was just so hot, and there was this one perfect dock right next to the Island Grill--we didn’t really have swim shorts or anything, so we just dove in. It was super fun and a huge memory of mine.

Lake Ontario, ON
Dana Jackson
Freddy Kwon

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