St. Lawrence River, ON - Jens Trode

I feel most connected to the St. Lawrence River. I love to drive around the St. Lawrence Parkway which is absolutely beautiful, and cross the 1000 Islands Bridge. I prefer to do it on my motorcycle. I usually come back to Horn’s Ferry and onto Wolfe Island, back around Kingston.

I also love to go on the water on a boat. I try to get on the water as much as I can because it gives me peace. When I get on the Ferry, I like to walk to the front because something about it just gives me an overall sense of peace.

I grew up on the water. When I was two years old, I immigrated from Germany. We came across the Atlantic Ocean on a 5-6 day journey, into the New York harbour. It started at a very young age, where being close to the water was engrained in me. I came to Canada in 1989 and I moved to Kingston. As soon as I crossed the 1000 islands bridge I knew I was home. As soon as I touched ground getting off the second bridge, I was in awe because of the beauty, and how majestic it all is. I’ve lived in a lot of places along Kingston and almost every single time it’s been next to or near a body of water. Obviously, I’m a water person. My father and brother are in the navy, so it runs in the family.

Dana Jackson
Jens Trode

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