English Bay, BC - Lucas Wang

My Watermark is English Bay, BC.

I feel most connected to English Bay, back home in Vancouver. It’s a really nice beach. Last summer, a lot of time after work, during happy hour, the buddies and I would grab some drinks and head down to English Bay. We grab some food and drinks, sit on the sand, look out on the water and have nice conversations.

I have not been to back to Vancouver since December, so the last time I was there was last summer. This summer I decided to stay in Kingston and I don't regret it.

While I’m here I go on a lot of walks. I also do a lot of filming for events near the water since I’m a film and media student. Also being a film major, most of my classes are at the Isobel, so I get to look at the water a lot. The funny this is being from Vancouver I’m surrounded by water, but when I came to Kingston I felt like something was missing at the beginning because it just felt flat and empty. But now, taking classes at the Isobel lets me have the water back in my life. I feel happier. It’s a special feeling to do work and being able to look out onto the water; it’s very therapeutic.

English Bay, BC
Dana Jackson
Lucas Wang

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