Pottersburg Creek, ON - Teresa McLellan

My name is Teresa McLellan

My waterbody, I have a few I couldn’t pick one favourite in particular. My childhood home backed on the Pottersburg Drain in London and there was some PCB contamination of that drain at one point and so I really watched that evolve and be remediated and fixed and so that gave me a passion for maintaining the health of our natural environment and eventually spurred my career with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

Aside from that, my grandmother lived in Port Stanley and when I was young and I used to spend my summers there, every summer. I spent a lot of time swimming in Lake Erie and enjoying all the things that come with having a Great Lake in your community. All of the community events and beach cleanups and it really became a big part of who we are as a family. We still enjoy the cottage on Lake Erie regularly.

But living in London and growing up there Lake Huron is not far either. So I have a fondness for Lake Huron too I spent a lot of good time on beaches there, at friends’ cottages, Grand Bend, forest area, The Pinery. There's so many wonderful places on all of our Great Lakes and I’m very grateful to live in the middle of them all. It's my passion its what I do for work its what I like to do in my personal time is enjoy the outdoors and the bountiful resources we are so lucky to have here in Ontario.

Thames River, ON
Claire Lawson
Teresa McLellan

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