St. Lawrence River, USA - Mike Weimer

My Watermark is the St. Lawrence River, New York.

My name is Mike Weimer. My water body is the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River. So it really goes back to the summer of 1975. I think about our vacations that we took as a family. Myself, my dad and mom, our family friends. Probably 8 of us pilling into a car with dogs, car top carriers, driving 5 hours north, renting this 16-foot beat up aluminum boat, and getting in it for the first time and going out and seeing that incredibly water.

The clear water, the fish, the ships going by. It was really an amazing experience for me. Fast forward 25 years maybe 30 years later to what I do now as a conservation biologist and going back to the same places, I pinch myself realizing where I came from and what I get to do today to work to protect that very same area. It’s a real blessing.

Claire Lawson
Mike Weimer

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