Lake Ontario, ON - Leah Lem

My name is Leah, my waterbody is Lake Ontario. When I started university, a lot of people would ask where are you from because I went to Ryerson, it’s a huge commuter school, often I would reply I'm from Toronto and they’d be like oh where are you from? And I would say the Beaches.

So for me living right by the beach was part of my identity of who I am. It just reaffirming every time I would say I’m from the Beach. I remember I went there one winter and I went there for a date with my boyfriend and we never thought about going to the beach in the winter time because you know it’s the beach, it’s a summer thing.

But when we went in the winter time, it was so beautiful like all the snow and just the waves, it was absolutely stunning. We sat there for a good 3 hrs just talking, just thinking about the beach, and the calmness of the waves it brought us.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Leah Lem

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