Miramichi River, NB - Mary Rita Holland

My Watermark is the Miramichi River, New Brunswick.

It’s in a small town, where I grew up in northeastern New Brunswick. The Miramichi River is known for salmon fishing. It has many little mini roots. What we've done most recently, my daughter and I when we were visiting this past summer, we went and tubed down the river. So that's a very popular summertime activity where people just get old tire tubes and float down the river. It takes 2 or 3 hours and you kind of just get to look at all the river rock and get out and walk around if you want. It's a freshwater lake or river, essentially. I think growing up in New Brunswick rivers have made a really big impression on my life, like in bigger more profound ways as far as, like, the kind of emotion that is involved with a fast-moving body of water. Being near a body of water like that at times that were, maybe, more turbulent in my life, I felt that I was connected to the Earth.

Daughter, Elsa: I really enjoyed it and what I think was most fun is that there were multiple activities on the same river going on at the same time. So after we tubed, me and my dad zip-lined over the same river that we had tubed down on and we could see the people like above us when we were floating down zip-lining across which is really cool. I like to swim because I don't think I'm too into boating but I really like swimming. Right now we’re living right on a lake so it's fun to just wake up and be like “I want to go swimming today!” And you can because it’s right there.

Dana Jackson
Mary Rita Holland

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