Georgia Strait, BC - Said The Whale

My name is Ben, I play in a band called Said The Whale and my Watermark is Howe Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia.

I dream about fishing all the time. I often listen to podcasts about fishing, like The Orvis Fishing Podcast. I used to tour with a fishing rod until I found that I was just carrying around a fishing rod and never actually fishing with it. The thing about touring is that you're always ending up in major cities and there's not often good fishing opportunities, although I do ask. Occasionally I regret not bringing a fishing rod when I find myself beside a beautiful river or a lake or something and I have some time. In our early days of touring, we spent a lot of time camping along the way and that made fishing a little easier. We’d stop along the way in Northern Ontario, at all the tiny little lakes or, you know, in the Rocky Mountains somewhere. Now it's more of a dead head to the cities and staying in hotels so not so much anymore but it's a pastime and the thought is there.

My name is Tyler and I play in a band called Said The Whale and my Watermark is the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia.

In my late teens and early twenties I worked on my dad's tugboat. He’s a now retired Tugboat Captain. We basically just went up and down the Strait of Georgia taking gravel barges to Sechelt and back to Vancouver. More recently, the Jervis Inlet is where my partner, Laura’s family has purchased a cabin on an island called Hardy Island, it’s a beautiful spot ripe with fishing and 8 minutes away from the edge of the Rockfish Conservation Area so you can go and catch rockfish, like I used to when I was a kid. And lots of clams and mussels and oysters; lots of good stuff to forage for. Sea asparagus! We discovered that recently, with the help of a friend, it’s very good.

We played a festival called Edge Of The World Festival on Haida Gwaii, which is actually happening this weekend, the same weekend as Wolfe Island Music Festival, and we had our agent negotiate into the contract that the guy Roland, -- Hi, Roland! He’s awesome. -- who organizes the festival, would take us out on his boat, out on his boat to go salmon fishing.

And we limited out! We caught three different kinds of salmon and we came home with a full cooler. We had like eight fish, it was awesome. And then Roland filleted them all, we had like an assembly line: dry them off, vacuum seal, flash freeze… and then we each took home like ten pounds of salmon. It was awesome.

The water is my happy place.

Georgia Strait, BC
Dana Jackson
Said The Whale

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