Andaman Sea, Myanmar - Chati Dang

I am from Khao Lak, Thailand, and my water story is about the 2004 Tsunami I’ve been through. I still remember exactly what happened. It was the morning of December 26, my family and I had breakfast, and my wife and I were watching my 2 kids play in the yard. That day felt different. I don’t know how to explain in words how I felt that day. When I was watching my kids play, I felt like the chair was shaking, I felt like everything around me was shaking, but no one seemed to notice any difference. Since our house is almost close to the water body, meaning that from our house we were able to see the waves of the ocean. That day, when I looked into the ocean, it felt a little odd. It looked like the water was being sucked in. I thought it was just normal. Then all of a sudden, I saw all the birds flying. I felt a little nervous within me. Then suddenly I saw the wave coming, I didn't recognize what it was, and watching on my yard until it was almost too late. Then I started running away from the wave with my family. About a block up the street I saw there was no way I could run to save my family and myself. I quickly ran into a church with my family. That split-second decision saved my whole family’s life. The flying birds, the rush of air, and the total inundation with water after the initial crashing wave passed through was a memorable incident that happened in my life. It is just an unforgettable memory.

Chati Dang

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