Georgian Bay, ON - Jane Gamble

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

I work for the Department of State, I’m the Foreign Service Officer covering the Great Lakes. In anticipation of the Great Lakes Public Forum, I took the weekend to spend the time kayaking in the waters in this area just to see what it was like.

On Sunday I went up to the Georgian Bay and kayaked out to Franklin Island, which was quite extraordinary and because the weather forecast was bad there was no one else out there. I had the whole place to myself and it was some of the most stunning kayaking that I have done.

The still water and the fantastic granite formations were really special and I think also just seeing how much water there is in Ontario…I mean it’s not such a mountainous place its more of a watery place and it was great to actually get out and physically see it for myself and to experience being on the water and appreciating what the people of Ontario get to appreciate all the time because they live here. It was a great experience and I’m grateful for it.

Georgian Bay, ON
Armita Ghahreimani
Jane Gamble

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