Pacific Ocean, BC - Omar McDadi

My Watermark is the Pacific Ocean, BC.

I love water. Water is amazing. So I was pretty lucky a few years ago I used to work in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve which is on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island and I used to take a row boat to work everyday across an inlet and it was the best way to start the day ever.

Just rowing across it’s very quiet, it’s a town of 150 people and you have the whole inlet, looking out into the ocean and you’re all by yourself. The sun rising, the sun setting, it rains there eight to nine months of the year instead of snowing so you’re really immersed in water. The salt water in the inlet, it’s kind of in an area where its half freshwater, half salt water.

There’s water raining down on you, people always wear rain-gear all year round so it’s like a real water immersion, a real water environment.

You feel really close and connected to water, it’s awesome.

Pacific Ocean, BC
Omar McDadi

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