Ottawa River, ON - Tanmya Sharma

My Watermark is the Ottawa River, Ontario.

After going through one of the scariest experiences while river rafting in this water body, I learned many things. But the most important thing I learned to do was to face my fears. Having been thrown off the raft in the most of dangerous waves, and ending up under the boat, I was terrified of getting into the water after getting out.

However, I didn't want this one experience to create a dear that would last a lifetime. So I went back on the draft, and finished the course, even pushing myself to jump off a cliff and into the water, all the while shaking in fear. Having gone through the rest of the course without more problems, I learned that nothing would stop me from doing what I wanted but my own fears. And the only way to overcome them, was to face them head on.

Ottawa River, ON
Jamie Kim
Tanmya Sharma

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