Arctic Ocean, NT - Marcus Slep

My Watermark is the Arctic Ocean of Nunavut.

My background is in environmental science. After finishing a Wilfred Laurier I went to Flemming College to learn hands-on, tech stuff and I started working for Centre for Alternative Waste Water Treatment as a student, just washing dishes and after I graduated there they asked me to stay on as a research technician.

I’ve been with them for four years and I’ve got to travel quite a bit doing water research. I’ve been to the west coast of Canada and up to Nunavut a couple of times for a couple of summers, so I spend six months up in Nunavut studying constructive wetlands.

Getting up to this place called Alert, Nunavut, it’s a military base in Nunavut. It’s the most northern inhabited place in the world. So I got to go up there to study their waste water research. It brought me quite far!

Arctic Ocean, NT
Marcus Slep

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