Crowsnest Lake, AB - Merilyn Liddell

Between the former towns of Blairmore & Coleman in what is now the municipality of Crowsnest Pass in S.W. Alberta is a wetland between the Crowsnest River and the tracks of the C.P.R. on the north, which is bounded by highway 3. Despite the transport pollution and [pollution] from minor past industries that for decades allowed waste to peep into it, the wetland is rich in bird life. Last spring we walked the community trail which also cuts into this area and saw Soras, an illusion shareheid often heard but seldom seen - but it was mating season and the Soras were more interested in being visible to potential mates than in hiding from a group of aging hinders. Among the 12 Soras we spotted were 2 Virginia rails - a new species for CNP. Among the visual Mallards, Teals, Shovelers & Geese we also spotted Black necked Stilts and American Avocets.

Crowsnest Lake, AB
Nina Munteanu
Merilyn Liddell

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