Kootenay Lake, BC - Penny Young

My Watermark is Kootenay Lake, BC.

Growing up in the tiny village of Rondel (on this lake) we would go to the beach to swim. The shore was very rocky, not a sandy beach at all, hard on our feet. We would bring a picnic lunch as well as bottles of orange crush. The campground had the most beautiful cedar trees, enormously tall, and we would wander around this little forest to find a tiny stream running into the lake. Here we saw rose bushes and skunk cabbage, gigantic specimens.

The water was extremely cold, so cold and we would shiver even while swimming in the sunshine. This lake had a ferry that took you to the opposite side. I have fond memories of walking along the the shore waiting to take this ferry, we collected rocks, skipped them in the lapping waves and watched the seagulls.

Kootenay Lake, BC
Nina Munteanu
Penny Young

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