Athabasca River, AB - Sarah Kades

My Watermark is the Athabasca River, Alberta.

I first saw the Athabasca River in Sept 2001. My husband and I were acutely turned to the rhythms of nature after a 4 month field stint of living via tent on an archaeology dig in MB. We went on a road trip holiday and found ourselves standing on the banks of the Athabasca in Jasper, AB for the 1st time. It's flow was fast & dynamic, maybe even cocky.

The surrounding mountain peaks witnessed our awe. Four years later, working as an consulting archaeologist, our helicopter dropped us off on the bank of the Athabasca, the only place to land in the remote boreal landscape north of Ft Mac on our survey. It's flow much calmer and with forest instead of mountains, its energy was quite different, muted, perhaps tired. But no less valuable, no less loved.

Nina Munteanu
Sarah Kades

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