Lake Simcoe, ON - Cory Gould

My Watermark is Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

Lake Simcoe is important to me because I grew up around that lake, I grew up in Barrie. The lakeshore is on Lake Simcoe. I did a lot of things as a child growing up through the AV’s. I would ride my bike along the lakeshore, swimming in the lake, jet skiing, wind surfing and even fishing on the lake.

It was a big part of my life and specifically every summer our group of friends from elementary school. We use to ride from all of our house and down to the lake to see how far we could ride into the water down the boat launch, and have competitions like that.

The lake hasn’t changed much since I was a kid but there's a lot of new developments to the lake and a lot of water and wildlife restoration programs to the lake. For a while there was a lack of waterfowl due to lack of protection and privacy. But there's been a lot of respect and help towards the lake over the past couple years especially with awareness being more open.

Lake Simcoe, ON
Claire Lawson
Cory Gould

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